Floor Standing

The Festivé floor standing series offers modern design, robust construction and reliable performance to meet the rigorous demands of the food service industry. With a focus on minimal frame, maximal glass and uncluttered interiors these cabinets deliver the largest capacity, and the best level of product viewability, on the market today. The five options include: three square fronted cabinets with differing height options in the Regent, York and Tower ranges; a curved front cabinet in the Lincoln range; and the Baker range of self-serve cabinets designed specially for bakeries.

Festivé offers an extensive range of customisation options that allows its standard cabinets to be modified to meet exact customer requirements. View the Custom section within this site to see the myriad ways a cabinet can be re-designed to meet a specific set of requirements or personalised to deliver a unique design and look.


Height: 1095mm

At just over a meter high this elegant serve-over cabinet is designed to provide maximum interaction between staff and customers. With its minimalist frame and glass top the Regent cabinet displays food at its finest.


Height: 1400mm

A classy serve-over cabinet range that maximises height and display area, while still allowing interaction between staff and customers. The York is unrivaled for the capacity it holds at this popular height of 1.4 meters. With its framed top and front glass, and minimalist frame this cabinet makes displayed food stand out.



Height: 1730mm

Standing over 1.7 meters tall the Tower is a magnificent cabinet designed for maximum visual impact and floor space utilisation. Available in chilled, heated and ambient options this cabinet is great for displaying all types of food and beverage products.


Height: 1240mm

The Lincoln cabinet adds a designer look to any food service environment. The frameless curved glass front of this elegant cabinet gives impressive visual impact and provides an unobstructed view of the displayed food.


Height: 1630mm

A fully integrated self-serve cabinet range that makes an impact in any location and allows displayed food to simply look great. With the base raised to 700mm, front and rear sliding doors, an integrated tray race with inset tong holder and bag holder; this cabinet is ideal for high traffic bakeries and cafeterias designed around self-service.